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Kira Brookheart

Robin Akiba

Iris Aria

Creed Akiba

Luvina Jupiter


  • Play through twenty weeks in-game to raise relationship with one of three love interests
  • Encounter voiced routes following a story unique to their character.
  • Schedule your week using Kira's daily planner to choose how to spend your time


While this story is a branching route, Creed and Iris's romantic routes are to be considered strictly Non-Canon. 


Voice Cast:

Robin Akiba: DJ Horn

Creed Akiba: Daniel Nanetti-Palacios

Iris Aria: Cheyenne Victory

Luvina Jupiter: Elissa Park

Rana Aria: Victoria Wong

Arash Aria: Andrew Mimms


Public Domain Images



Music and Sound:

DL Sounds

Pascal Tatipata





Cheyenne Victory

Special Thanks:

The Voice Actors


Amelia Flare

Shireen + Alex Victory

Emily S.


Marie H.

My Creative Writing class for helping me edit


Alpha 1.0

Paper Roses was my first attempt at a visual novel for NaNoRenO, and is currently lacking in content quite a bit but is still in progress never the less. It can be played from start to finish, but still needs updated CGs, sprites, GUI and editing before it's considered whole.

Known Issues:

- Sometimes you will go to work instead of what you're supposed to do

- Some voice acting is missing. 

- Creed sometimes misses the place he's supposed to be in one on one time

- The king and queen are placeholder sprites and they don't allign properly. Their mouths don't move either. That scene is just a mess lol

- In scenes done nearer to the end, the lines aren't paced.

- Some of the GUI is renpy default because I ran out of time due to personal emergencies etc.

- Sleepovers are not available yet

- Two dates are available for Robin, one date for Creed. Iris will always reject your request

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Install instructions


Version 1.1:

  • Minor Text Fixes
  • Audio error fixes
  • Graphical errors in Creed's 4th event
  • Fixed a major glitch that made it impossible to get Robin's Epilogue if you romanced him above the red rose level, and would send you to Iris's instead

Version 2.0:

  • A bonus epilogue was added in for Robin if you continue romancing after reaching the final rose colour
  • Epilogues of Creed and Iris Temporarily taken out
  • One date for Creed added in
  • Creed's date now acts as an explanation as to why he has coloured eyes. 
  • Robin's Ending CG updated to a completely new piece
  • Creed's route now has the major CGs
  • Re-Added missing Dialogue for when no event occurs when having coffee.
  • Continuity error fix with how Kira x Robin met
  • Credits Updated
  • Minor Text Fixes
  • Some pacing added for the final scene
  • Minor bug fixes


PaperRoses-2.1-pc.zip 304 MB
PaperRoses-2.1-mac.zip 289 MB

Development log


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This won't install. Says cannot read property build of undefined

That appears to be an itch.io side issue unfortunately ;; I would suggest trying to download it again and it should work! Most users seem to be okay and trying on a few devices on my end seems to be okay so it might be a random issue <3 Try refreshing and trying again ^^


Ok ok so, I found this game a few days ago and I just played it a while ago- BUT I LOVE IT. MY HEART WAS SQUEALING SO MUCH! I was aiming for Creed at first, but then I just fell in love with Robin! I can't- my boy. Precious boy. I really loved Iris! And I am real curious about the relationship between her and MC 👀 And I loved Luvina! Honestly if there was a choice, my bi-ness would have chosen her straight on. Side note: Did I mention how much I loved Robin? No? THEN I LOVE THE PRECIOUS BOY. I'm really excited for what you have in store for this!! Imma follow this til the end of my lif

AHHH OH MY GOSH This was so sweet ;;; Thank you so much for the kind words!

I'm so, so glad you ended up feeling so strongly towards Robin ;;; He's one of my favourite characters and I feel like Him and Kira were truly the reason I wanted to make this VN. Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! I'm so sorry for the late reply! <3

it's fine omg <3 I yet to play all the routes, but a part of me just wants to replay Robin's because I want to squeal, but I still need to give Creed love too ;_; 

Ahhhhh thank you so much ;-; <3 <3 that means the work to me ;-;

shame that this seems to have been abandoned..


Not at all! I've actually been just super busy as I've entered game design school-wise! I genuinely have been making an effort to look into different storylines to re-write the routes and get this going again <3 

Paper Roses means the world to me and hearing that really motivates me to take the plunge and update it so thanks for the comment <3 I'll see what I can do when assignments calm down a bit ^^

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I've never been so glad to have been proven wrong. you just made my day

AHHHH That makes me so happy to hear ;;;; You definitely will see more of him soon <3 Good to know where I should set my priorities ^^

Thank you for your comment <3 It made my day!

Hi! I really want to play your game but it says the pc version wasnt found when i tried to download. Was this intentional? Maybe a problem on my end? Thank you for reading!!


Hi there!! Thanks for wanting to play :)

Everything seems to be working on my end on different devices! Are the files just not appearing or is the website not giving you the option to download?

I haven't updated the game files in quite some time so they should be working but I'll look into it again when I'm home :) If the problem isn't resolved I can get you the download another way!


This game's really beautiful and the music's really nice!!! I love the idea of soulmates not actually being soulmates, and the little dashes of humor within the game are great! That said, I have a few ideas on how to improve the story, and I hope that you don't take offense to these suggestions.

1. I definitely agree with another comment that the endless task assigning gets repetitive... And also, is there a purpose meant for the money that Kira earns by working?

2. I feel like sometimes the romantic plot is really inconsistent; I know that there's ultimately an "endgame" route with Robin but it feels really... rough, if that makes sense. I haven't played his route but I assume that everything would flow better if you just kept hanging out with him. However, if you don't, you get thrown into a weird mix of canon + chosen romance. Maybe work making the routes all canon in different ways (more work) or maybe more of a kinetic novel?


Hey there!

No offense taken! The only thing is that I've addressed this over my social media already, so I'll just re-iterate: made the game in a month during university and it was the first time I ever touched Renpy so I want to stress that it was by no means a complete project by any stretch of the imagination. I legitimately made it for fun and I wasn't really expecting it to be taken as seriously as it was. I strongly avoid kinetic since they're not my cup of tea honestly. However, I do regret the inclusion of Creed and Iris as love interests. The story of Paper Roses is meant to be the love story between Kira and Robin and I felt like I caved into thinking what other people wanted instead of what I wanted to do for a game that was largely made in celebration of my healing. 

With that said, I've talked about remastering Paper Roses as a multiple-ending VN with Robin as the sole romantic interest for Kira.  Just as a side note, Creed and Iris's romance events were written in a few hours whereas Robin's was pre-written for almost half a year which is why there's such a lack of consistency so you're not wrong at all in saying that.

I hope you don't judge me based on the issues of this game! It was just an unpolished little taste of a story I loved dearly that I made in a limited amount of time. I hope to remake it someday now that I'm in school for game design but for now I'm really glad you enjoyed the concept and parts of it! I appreciate your investment in the game enough to provide your feedback. I didn't think anyone really wanted to see this game as polished so perhaps I'll revisit it someday soon!


I really do enjoy this game, is it still being updated with more content?

Ahhhhhh thank you so much <3 It's currently on hold but it will either be updated or remastered in the near future :) Thank you so much for the kind words and for playing!


The game looks great! Though will you add Creed's epilogue back into the game soon?

Oh my gosh! I'm so, so sorry about the delay in reply! My notifications have been acting up. Thank you so much for your comment <3

I just finished my second VN so I'll be returning to my main project as well as fixing up Paper Roses when I can! Creed was more popular than anticipated so I regret not being prepared at release for that, but I will do my best to ready his route for the future! :)


I love the game! The artstyle is incredible, the voice actors are amazing and the story is so intriuging I can't help but play this game multiple times. My only problem is that the game can be rather repetitive when i'm going through trying to understand more of the story. 
It would be nice if the game was either a little shorter or if there were little mini games to make it feel like the player is more involved, but, other than that I could definitely play this game over and over again. This game is still outstanding especially with how you mentioned it was your first visual novel for NaNoRenO. S2

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Ahhhhhh thank you so, so much! That means the world to me!

The repetitive thing is very much an issue and I'll take the mini-game suggestion into account :) I wasn't expecting people to play it-- let alone more than once so I'll do my best to fix it up when I can! The length is sadly as short as the game could be to avoid too much overlap (I had to do the math when making the game),  so I'll brainstorm when I come back to do Iris's route and see if I can fix it up!

Thank you so, so much! It was my first time making a real VN and first time grappling with / touching Python so I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it! I really hope to fix it up soon! Thank you so much for the suggestions :)


This is an absolutely wonderful game! The voice acting is amazing and the concept has to be one of my favourites!

Oh gosh!! This absolutely made my terrible week ahhh thank you so much ;-; I'm so glad you enjoyed it <3 It means so much to me to have been able to share it ;;

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for playing!!


I can't wait to play this! Everything looks amazing :)

Ahhhhhhh you're so sweet ;-; Thank you so much <3  I hope you find some enjoyment out of it!


great game love the story <3

Oh my gosh! Lovely thank you so much ;-; You made my day <3 

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it!


love this so much, I stayed up until 4 in the morning just to play it all the way through. I did have some glitches but the game was still so enjoyable, Loveless is forever my favorite character >u>

Oh m gosh ;; Thank you so much jwiejfweoif???? ;-;  Thank you??

There are quite a few glitches because I  haven't been able to properly playtest yet but thank you so, so much for playing regardless!! <3  That made my week jfwejfwef

Loveless wasn't originally supposed to be in the game but he's lowkey my favourite too :') I'm so glad you like him <3 

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for playing! Ahh I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


Hi!! I'm currently playing and I'm in the middle of trying to romance Creed (fingers crossed its working!) and I was so frustrated because he kept denying my date request but i just read the little faq thing hahahaha. keep up the good work! the idea and art for this game is amazing, especially the music and voice acting! im living for this game and i cant wait until its fully done/updated!! kis xo

Hi! You honestly made my day! Thank you so much!! I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying it despite how broken it is haha I promise the dates will make an appearance as soon as possible (As will Creed's CGs which are missing oops) 

Thank you so much for playing! You made my day ahh I promise to have something new out soon <3

Have a wonderful day~!

why are creeds eyes colored does he have a soul mate, maybe im not far enough in yet... I feel bad "stealing" someones soulmate though...

(1 edit)

Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment and for playing <3

Sorry about the confusion! Every human in the universe except for Seers (Who naturally get their eye colour) have soulmates~! The Seer thing is missing from the game right now because I didn't have time to add it in, but it should come for the next update!

The thing is that soulmates aren't really a 'good' thing in this universe (Even though people are morally obligated to marry them, as you've probably gathered) as you'll kind of see through the game. The title of the game may kind of help you see what I mean by the end~!

That said, If you're worried, I can say that no one will get mad at you for whoever you choose. Basically as long as you romance someone, there's a happy ending <3

I will say that Creed's route is severely lacking in CGs (By that I mean there are exactly none) and I'll be fixing that for the next update I hope!

Thank you so much for your comment~ Have an amazing day! Thank you so much for playing :)

thank you for explaining it a bit more for me :)

You're very welcome <3 Sorry about how jumbled that is haha I was trying to avoid some spoilers that may or may not be in the game.

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for playing! :)


I really enjoyed this. I liked the cute details, and your voice actors did really well! I look forward to your future games.

You're so kind! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I'm really happy you were able to find some enjoyment in the game :)


Looks interesting, downloading now!

Thank you so much for downloading ;-; It's still massively WIP but I'm working on it~ I hope you can find some enjoyment in it regardless!