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Cheyenne Moshtagh's portrait.


Cheyenne Moshtagh's portrait.

Cheyenne Moshtagh's portrait.

Cheyenne Moshtagh's portrait.

Cheyenne Moshtagh's portrait.

Cheyenne Moshtagh's portrait.


  • Play through twenty weeks in-game to raise relationship with one of three love interests
  • Encounter voiced routes following a story unique to their character.
  • Schedule your week using Kira's daily planner to choose how to spend your time


Voice Cast:

Robin Akiba: DJ Horn

Creed Akiba: Daniel Nanetti-Palacios

Iris Aria: Cheyenne Victory

Luvina Jupiter: Elissa Park

Rana Aria: Victoria Wong

Arash Aria: Andrew Mimms


Public Domain Images



Music and Sound:

DL Sounds

Pascal Tatipata





Cheyenne Victory

Special Thanks:

The Voice Actors


Amelia Flare

Shireen + Alex Victory

Emily S.

Marie H.

My Creative Writing class


Alpha 1.0

Paper Roses was my first attempt at a visual novel for NaNoRenO, and is currently lacking in content quite a bit but is still in progress never the less. It can be played from start to finish, but still needs updated CGs, sprites, GUI and editing before it's considered whole.

Known Issues:

- In one of Creed's route events he wears a princess dress. The joke was that he's wearing something outside of his social class and it's funny because it suits him, but I'm recognizing that it wasn't communicated well enough and seemed like him wearing the dress was the sole joke. I'll be fixing that in the next versions.

- Sometimes you will go to work instead of what you're supposed to do

- Some voice acting is missing. I'll release a new version with all of the lines once I'm not on a deadline

- CGs outside of Robin's route have not been drawn. All but one of Robin's CGs will be redrawn

- Creed sometimes misses the place he's supposed to be in one on one time

- The king and queen are placeholder sprites and they don't allign properly. Their mouths don't move either. That scene is just a mess lol

- In scenes done nearer to the end, the lines aren't paced.

- Some of the GUI is renpy default because I ran out of time due to personal emergencies etc.

- Sleepovers are not available yet

- Two dates are available for Robin only. Creed and Iris will always reject the request

- Coffee dates for Robin and iris don't have dialogue even though they should 1/3 times

Install instructions


Version 1.1:

  • Minor Text Fixes
  • Audio error fixes
  • Graphical errors in Creed's 4th event
  • Fixed a major glitch that made it impossible to get Robin's Epilogue if you romanced him above the red rose level, and would send you to Iris's instead


Paper Roses V1.1 for Windows (291 MB)
Paper Roses V1.1 for Mac (279 MB)


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I really enjoyed this. I liked the cute details, and your voice actors did really well! I look forward to your future games.

You're so kind! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I'm really happy you were able to find some enjoyment in the game :)

Looks interesting, downloading now!

Thank you so much for downloading ;-; It's still massively WIP but I'm working on it~ I hope you can find some enjoyment in it regardless!