Paper Roses V. 2.0

Hey everyone!

Well, it's been a while since I last worked on PR because I've been so busy with so much nothing, it's unbearable! I finally ended up finishing a little new version for Paper Roses which-- in all honesty isn't so bad in comparison to the last update. 

One pretty significant noteworthy  event is that Creed's route is objectively playable with two important CGs in and one date-- which I mean is better than before so.  I know Creed somehow got something of a following?? 

There were also really dumb typos as well as some unpaced scenes I worked on a little, but please don't expect the game to be too, too polished because there's still a ton of work to be done. For now, it is what it is-- a simple visual novel that needs a lot of work but I still am glad I finished.

If you encounter any further glitches / errors etc. please feel free to contact me <3

Contact info:

Twitter: @Celestial_Dance (I'm most easily accessible here)


Also some clarifications that people have asked about:

  • Yes, Iris is 100% a love interest but her route is still a placeholder
  • Being 'Soulmates' in this world doesn't mean that the two people will / can be in love. The narrative of the story is framing it negatively-- you're not reading that wrong.
  • Luvina's eyes are black-- not gray.
  • If it wasn't clear / you skipped over the text / Didn't realize that a major character isn't straight-- soulmates aren't exclusively male x female and LGBTQ people exist in this world. 


Paper Roses V2.0 for Windows 302 MB
Jul 17, 2017
Paper Roses V2.0 for Mac 287 MB
Jul 17, 2017

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