Paper Roses V. 2.1

Paper Roses had a minor update today!

There was a lot of small changes including a minor change in dialogue for Iris in Robin's final scene. There were some text fixes and some continuity fixes as well as some general glitch fixes.

The biggest change, however, was the updated CG for the final plot scene in the game (The CG that happens no matter who you romance-- the one that I get a ton of flack for ahaha). It was completely re-drawn using the old one as a guide with a lot cleaner lines and shading as well as a better grasp on anatomy. As some of you know, Paper Roses is almost one year old this April so I've improved a ton at art since then.

New game announcement

I'm working on a small project titled Written in the Stars, another otome visual novel in a kind of fantasy setting! It'll be released relatively soon?

Paper Roses Letsplay

Someone I vaguely knew from DA now is my friend after we talked for 4 hours while she livestreamed PR :') Feel free to check it out here and give Alex some love <3 She's talking to me as well as I'm talking through the stream chat. Warning for some more adult language. She refers to me by my username "Papertsubaki" and there's a 20 second lag between what I write vs when she reads it.

Finally, I wanted to just honestly thank every single person who has taken the time to talk about this game. These last few years have been awful but paper roses has helped me through <3 Thank all of you for making this last year worth my while!

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