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otome heroine written in the stars
otome bishie azreal yang written in the starsotome bishie angelo written in the starsotome mei written in the stars

  • Two love interests to choose from
  • Three endings per love interest: Abandoned end, Fairy tale end and The End
  • Full-length stories for both Azreal and Angelo influenced by your choices
  • Entire visual novel, all characters, story, setting and plot were determined by a series of polls by people like you! In January, strangers from the internet came together and determined every aspect of it.
  • Voice acting for major scenes.
  • Animated talk sprites have moving mouths and blink among other small animations
  • Several CGs in each route
  • A very personal story about internal struggle with creativity told through a romance

Written in the Stars is a small otome visual novel with two love interests and three possible endings per boy.  The format is heavy on reading, but does have choices to make throughout. 

This VN was originally a seven day challenge from January but I ended up expanding the story to be longer and it took over nine months (An actual baby's worth). WitS is a story about burnout and falling out of love with your own work as an artist, so it really was something I needed to write about as a creator myself. This VN is one that's very personal to me, so its an honour to be able to share it with all of you!

Voice acting:

Azreal Yang: Jordan Bonn

Angelo D'Angelas: HangmanVA

Mei Taimi: Ruka Samuels


Kevin MacLeod

Alex Beroza ft cdk & Darryl J

Twin Musicom

SF Textures



Photography: (Backgrounds)

Public Domain pictures


Max Pixel

Wikimedia Commons

Patrick Gillespie

Special Thanks:

Amelia Flare
Emily Yamato
Ruka Samuels
All of the voters
All of my DA friends (listed in the credits + Tsuku-yomii <3 <3)

  • There are general writing mistakes.
  • There are some audio errors and level issues.
  • There is missing audio in places
  • The selection screen between Azreal and Angelo is really finicky
  • There are some graphical issues and placeholders. 

This visual novel has themes. dialogue and instances that may not be comfortable for all readers. Please be advised that this story contains:

  • Crude humour
  • Implied sexual themes
  • There are instances of the story that may be uncomfortable for those who are sensitive to certain topics. Please feel free to contact me if you're concerned about subject matter.

otome bishie azreal written in the stars

Install instructions

Questions that no one asked but I'm sure will be problems so I included anyway. QTNOABISWBPSIIA For short.

"The music is too loud in comparison to the VAing!"

The audio maxes when you download the game usually. When you're in-game, click "options" at the bottom of the screen to adjust sound levels! The sound levels are rather off for VAing, something I have to spend a month or so fixing and re-mixing.

"How do I know what ending I got?"

Make sure you don't skip the credits. If you see an ending listed, you received that ending. If you get an epilogue, you got the true end. 

Abandoned ending = Bad Ending 

"Where do I click 'New Game?'"

Hover over the left-most cluster of stars on the title screen. Continue is the right-most cluster.

"Why can't I go back? In Paper Roses I could press 'back' to re-play segments!"

The back button was removed in WitS because of the nature of the VN. I didn't want everyone to easily get the best ending by going back and re-playing whereas the best ending in Paper Roses was the one definitive canon ending, which is the one I wanted to share most.

"Who is the 'canon' love interest of WitS?"

Unlike Paper Roses, both love interests hold the same level of validity to the story canon. There is no 'real' choice. They're both equally as canon.

"Is there any content beyond the games?"

AzrealAngelo and Seraphina have active presences over Toyhou.se and deviantart. If you're interested to know more about them or see some of the amazing fanart / fanfics of them (One of them inspired a scene in WitS), you can check them out using the links above. Warning, there are spoilers in Azzie's profile. 


Written in the Stars 945 MB
Written in the Stars (Mac) 930 MB


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Hi, I got that, and the game stopped. What's the problem?

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 3348, in script
    if helpedangie:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 3348, in <module>
    if helpedangie:
NameError: name 'helpedangie' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 3348, in script
    if helpedangie:
  File "C:\Users\Asaratte\Downloads\WitS-1.2-pc\WitS-1.2-pc\renpy\ast.py", line 1656, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "C:\Users\Asaratte\Downloads\WitS-1.2-pc\WitS-1.2-pc\renpy\python.py", line 1745, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
  File "C:\Users\Asaratte\Downloads\WitS-1.2-pc\WitS-1.2-pc\renpy\python.py", line 1739, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
  File "game/script.rpy", line 3348, in <module>
    if helpedangie:
NameError: name 'helpedangie' is not defined

Written in the Stars 1.2

(1 edit)

YIKES I'm so sorry! I have to look into it and fix it up! I'm so sorry you experienced an error! 

Basically it's a check if you helped Angelo by using your own abilities to turn the plant to stone earlier on in the game-- but I'm not sure why it's causing an error. You may be able to bypass it by using the skip option on the error screen. I figured out its because I seemingly defined the stupid thing in the wrong place so if you didn't help Angelo and tried to comfort him instead the game doesn't define it. I'm so, so sorry!! I'll add a fix in a bit for it, but you should be able to press 'continue' on the error screen instead.

The game started working again only after I pressed "ignore". Nothing else worked.  

Fun game btw. I really enjoyed it. I'm going to check out the other romance option now :)


this game is FANTASTIC im not done jet but i love it so much 

Oh gosh!! Thank you so, so much! That made my morning! I’m so happy you like it so far. I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint 💕 I appreciate the kind words, it means so much to me!

Enjoy the rest of the game, and thank you so much for playing!

I hope I enjoy your game!!

I really hope you do too. Thank you so much for considering 💕 this project means the world to me so I’m so glad I got to share it with everyone.


Heres the end, by the way the end was amazing because i swore i headed down the bad path

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! LOL the bad ending is actually a lot better than the medium ending. I'm not sure if you did see it all the way through to the end because the video was cut off before the final screen.

Thank you so, so much for playing! I had lots of fun watching your lets play and I really am grateful that you enjoyed it <3

i made you a part two, here is more Azreal. I truly do enjoy this game more than I let on beyond the fangirling and dirty minded cringe feasting I show!


i ma be the only person capable of crashing the game but it did happen so i wanted to forewarn you of the error. also i absolutely adore the game even though the sexual parts were kinda cringy for me... here you go enjoy 

OH MY THank you so, so much for the video <3 <3 I'm so happy!! I'll watch it through and see how to fix the error and see if I can do some editing.

I'm also sorry for the cringe ahaha Sexuality isn't something I write very well or enjoy writing, but it was part of the challenge. I prefer to write chaste relationships just simply because it's easier to write as someone who's ace. Azreal is actually an incubus in his main story slightly more sexualized than Angelo and I honestly wanted to cut so much of it out but I decided to leave a lot of it ambig. The sexual parts have no real weight in the canon, meaning that the scenes you see are up for interpretation. I hate them 100% too so you're just feeling my cringe while writing tbh. 

I'm so, so glad you enjoyed it <3 This was great to wake up to.

So far I am finding the game quite enjoyable, though I have to say there are a few things down the only route I have finished so far (Azreal) that I would have prefer not happen. But I did enjoy it.

Now starting the other route, but came confused by another character popping in, Creed. Can I ask who he is?

Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it Enjoyable <3 

I understand haha the routes can be pretty problematic to some people, I'm very aware not everyone will agree with where I took the story in some places-- especially in relation to some of the choices I made. I respect that though <3 Thank you for the honesty. You may, perhaps, run into similar issues with Angelo's, but I hope you still like it! I'm so glad you're enjoying it regardless! I hope those things didn't impact your play through too much.

You ran into an easter egg, Creed is a romantic interest from my first visual novel, so it's just a silly cameo for those who played Paper Roses.

how do you keep the characters talking in the game?

Do you mean the talk sprites moving their lips? :O


This was an amazing VN and I can't wait for the next one. This VN was very helpful for me because I am an aspiring author who is struggling with depression. It was also very hilarious and I will never uninstall this game because I LOVE, ADMIRE, OBSESS over this VN so much!

Oh my gosh you absolutely made my day and totally made me cry quite a bit fiewjfwef I'm so, so glad you liked the VN so much <3

I just wanted to let you know that I understand your situation and you absolutely can and will tell those stories you are meant to tell, even if it is in other mediums or other ways that you weren't expecting! When you have some of your work up please feel free to drop me a message and I will be so happy to read and, if you'd like, share your work.

Thank you so much for your comment ;-; It absolutely brightened my day <3


I will be sure to tell you and I am very grateful for your support! <:


OH! and I'm hoping that you could give some tips on drawing. Any style that you like because yours are very beautiful and every time I looked at them they gave me a serene aura. 

OH JEEZ I'm so sorry! I wrote a reply and I think I forgot to send it!

I'm just so flattered ahhhhh seriously my work is nothing to admire-- I've been super self-conscious about my style for so long. My biggest tips:

- Use the stablizer if you're drawing digitally with SAI or FireAlpaca. It helps smooth lines~!

- I used to have a 'style file' of images I considered to be the closest to how I wanted to draw. I would do small sample pieces, closely examining techniques they use and trying to emulate them while drawing a totally different character & pose. It was a challenge but after a while I developed my own techniques that I liked and the style kind of diverged from there. (To be clear, I was zooming in on things like the eyes and seeing the proportions, how it was shaped and colouring techniques and tried to do similar stylistic elements on different pieces without referencing it.)

- I literally could not draw six years ago lol I just practiced everyday until I got better. Even now I struggle with certain pieces.

-The BIGGEST most IMPORTANT thing is: create for yourself, not to please others. I made this mistake so many times. I never understood what it was like to have fun drawing. It was always a chore for me. I learned to enjoy what I was drawing and started to create exclusively what made me happy and somehow that did the trick in helping me improve <3

Thank you again! Your comment still brings me so much joy! I can't wait to see what you create!


I seriously stayed up till four playing this game... It's really hard to laugh as silently as possible at all the banter! I love this game! Thank you for creating it! I'm so going to recommend this to my friends. Eek, yet another game I'm fangirling over. *embarrassed* I hope you keep making new content, this is great!

Oh my gosh foweifjoiwejfw Your comment absolutely made my day ;;;; Thank you so, so much I'm fangirling over your sweet comment now thank you so much ahhhhh I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for playing ;-; <3


I played Azreal's route and got "the end". I really enjoyed it! Can you please make a walkthrough? I prefer to follow a guide because I want to achieve every ending, even the bad ones. I'm really curious about the fairy tale and the abandoned ends, but I kinda grow unpatient if I have to try it many times before I get the right answers for the ending.

Btw I just need to say this: I really LOVE your art style!

You actually made me cry a little bit ;;;;;; Thank you so, so much for playing you made my really awful day honestly a whole ton better. I actually have a crude guide already written  (Click for link to google doc) <3 It's rough since it was for the playtesters but green highlight = right answer. 

You need:

8 or more answers for "The End"

5-7 answers for "Fairytale End"

0-4 answers for "Abandoned End"

I honestly was so worried about my art so that really made my day!<3 Thank you so, so much for playing and for your sweet comment ;-;


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I OWE YOU ALL THE FRIES THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! OMG My computer doesn't record above like... 1FPS so I really appreciate it ;;; 

I added it to the page so hopefully you can snag some subscribers ;) Thank you so much again!


YESSSSS FRIESSSSS!  No problem thank you so much for creating  this amazing game! I know what it's like to struggle with potato computers. I'm sure you will have a lot of people play and,  record this spectacular creation.  Thank you once again keep on creating!

You're the sweetest ;-; Thank you! You made my day! Thank you so much for playing and recording!

Same with you <3 I hope you get lots of subs and views! Hopefully I'll signal boost you a bit as well!