[IMPORTANT] Controls, menus + Gamebreaking glitch

Hi everyone!

I'm in class and can't fix the error at this instant so if you decide to play Sugar Stars before the fix, this is SUPER important:

EDIT: It has been fixed but I have to upload it when I get home. I'll have clarity about controls added in too!


[C] or [Enter] or [Space] = Action button (Use to interact with objects, talk to characters, make a selection)

[S] or [SHIFT] = Sprint (Run faster)

[X] or [ESC] = Back / Menu (Use this to exit out of menus, skip text, cancel)


In-game Menu: The options are displayed in the bottom left corner. You can save, load check relationship etc. Bring this up by pressing [X] and leave by pressing [X]

Cooking menu: HEAVILY WIP---  Press "Cook from Menu". You will be brought to a screen with four empty slots and the word 'Cook' at the bottom. Click an empty slot to insert an ingredient. Press [X] to exit the menu.


- Do not press 'Cook' without selecting the first ingredient!!

- Don't click on slots before you've filled  The one before (I.e. if you've filled only slot #1, DO NOT CLICK ON SLOT #3 OR #4)

- I am in class so I won't be able to fix this until I get home. I'm looking into why this happens but I can't figure it out. Please remember to save! The new iteration will have controls explained as well <3 Sorry about the glitches ;;;;;;; I feel awful

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