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Eternal Dawn Alice CelestialEternal Dawn Anna HanadaEternal Dawn Brandon KatouEternal Dawn Kane HanadaEternal Dawn Bella BianchiEternal Dawn Kierce ArdenEternal Dawn Riley Hanada


This is a short, rough visual novel  for NaNoRenO based off of my very first story that was recently lost forever. The opening scene is the only thing to be regarded as canon. The entire ending will be re-done and re-written eventually with the exception of a few parts. This project was made to cope with the loss of what once was my coping mechanism.  It's 100% a personal, passion project and should be seen as such. 


  • Plan your week! Spar with friends, hangout or just study away! 
  • Battle with your friends, each having new skills to offer!
  • Two romantic interests for each heroine... or have them fall for each other!
  • Play through 10 weeks of the school year

General Warning:

I had only intended to release the opening scene but got bored so this happened. Please regard anything beyond as incomplete, unedited, raw or even non-canon... Especially the final scene. Consider the battling to be a mini-game and story-telling mechanic.


Implied abuse, Self-Esteem, Mild alcohol References, Flashing lights

 The opening scene does not depict a real event in Alice's life. It is to be viewed entirely as symbolic.

Things that will be changed:

  • Voice Levels
  • More dynamic battles
  • Add in the final broken
  • Final scene complete overhaul
  • CGs!!
  • More romance scenes 
  • More hang out scenes
  • No glitches 
  • Stop seeing Kane's first romance event twice
  • Add relationship indicators
  • Fix those credits
  • Add stats goals and indicators.


  • Each character has different skills to teach you.
  • In order to win someone over, you must view their final event.
  • Sparring gives you the highest relationship boosts if you win.
  • You can romance one person for Alice and one for Anna. Spamming them will do you a world of good

Install instructions

Please read this before asking in the comments. :) It helps keep us on the same page! Keep in mind that the point beyond the demo is extremely rough. You've been warned.

Why didn't you finish?

This gamejam is to make something in a month-- finished or not. I decided to do a demo because I have a sick cat and a job that required me to code for 4 hours a day. 

Why aren't there CGs?

I only had a month lol CGs are coming soon!

The music is too loud!

Be sure to fiddle with options first! The downside of using public domain music is that I don't have time to change it.

I encountered a glitch, now what?

Please tell me ASAP! If it crashed, clicking 'ignore' will temporarily fix the error.

Will Riley ever be eligible?

Perhaps in the future. I didn't think about it in time.

Is there blood in this game?

Not so far. This game is pretty light hearted and the vampire plot hasn't been explored very deeply yet.

Bella?! Alice?! Vampires?! Is this Twilight?!

I've never read it, never seen it~! The names are from my childhood.

Why are there gaps in voice acting in otherwise fully voiced scenes?

There are many reasons. Please bare with it for the time being <3


Eternal Dawn (Windows) 246 MB
Eternal Dawn (Linux) 227 MB
Eternal Dawn (Mac) 229 MB

Development log


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This game is so amazing, truly was amazing playing the first few parts. and also I got inspired and I made a YuGiOh card out of Alice :)

A nice small thank you from me for providing an awesome game :D


Ahh Thank you so much for the kind words!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game ;; 

Oh my gossssshhhhhh THAT CARD it's so cute ;;;;  The cast are childhood OCs of mine, so they have a lot more development including some real-world interests and stuff outside of the game! I for one accept that Alice is canonically a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh too :)

Thank you so much for the comment and the lovely card!! I'll cherish it ;;

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I can also make other cards as well and I have a great time doing it :D thank you so much for your compliments on my card and for the kindness you showed me :D I can't wait to see the full canon version once it's out! :)

I also tried your Paper Roses game which was amazing!! You are good developer, am happy :D


Oh my goodness, I forgot how awesome dialogues in this game are... All three routes (Kane, Bella, Brandon... plus THAT ONE ending) I played are amazingly heartwarming, story is interesting, and humour is top of the line. Thank you for this game, I certainly don't regret playing it again.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask one (possibly stupid) question. I noticed Kierce is an option for hangouts (Anna), does that mean he has ending available? I just got one scene, so I'm just curious if I'm missing something, or his scenes are not available. If he has no ending, or if it's an error as with Alice and Anna (those two are the best - their interactions..., also some of their scenes continue, if I choose to "Ignore" the exception that occures in Anna x Alice hangouts, but not the other way around), you don't have to fix it, if you don't want to. I just wondered.

Thanks in advance.


Ahh I apologize for the late reply! Thank you so much ;; This made my day <3 <3 I hope to finish polishing sometime in the future!

Not stupid at all! Anna x Kierce are supposed to be a pairing but quite honestly I don't remember if it's in the game yet since I intended to re-write the route when things looked up a bit! I fully intend to fix them soon :) Thank you so much for playing and for the tidbits of help! You made my day and I'll be sure to polish it when I can <3

No need to apologize, I thank you a lot for reply.

Anyway, I tried to reach Kierce ending again now, and it seems I just wasn't spamming hangouts enough before - it indeed is there - and even though I have to admit that I did not like his character as much as others before, that changed now :). So that was mistake on my part, and I'm sorry for that.

Thanks a lot again, good luck with everything, and take your time (as I said - enjoyed this game a lot so far).

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I'm just trying to do Alice × Anna, but it appears to be riddled with crashes...

So I tried this:

Alright, the first sparring works out, but then, the hangout only proceeds to this screen:

This has been done using "Rollback". If I click once, this happens:

So, I tried doing just hangouts, but in reverse (Alice × Anna instead of Anna × Alice). No good either, because:

So, uhm.. This is probably rather broken? Or does this specific route just not work?

Hello! Agh I'm so sorry about that! I'll fix those soon. I never ended up finishing the original game due to my cat passing away last year and I haven't had the heart to continue (He was sitting next to me while I worked through it so it's been hard to touch)

I'm so sorry about these errors. I'll see if I can get around to fix it soon. :) Thanks for playing either way!


It's fine, I can understand that, as similar things have happened to me three times already (as I was a cat owner myself)... guess I'm getting old by now.

So those stability issues are to be expected then, I assume.

I'm patient, so I guess I'll just check back in a few months or so. I really like the dynamic between Anna and Alice, just the thing I like, so I'd really love to try playing their route. :)

Thank you for your work!

You're so sweet :) I'll keep that in mind and try to have a fix out by then!  I'll be sure to give it a good polishing very soon!

I'm sorry to hear. That's the worst... I wish you all the best <3

Great game but one of the warning is self esteem which is pretty comical

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for playing :) I appreciate it!

LMAO R I P I didn't realize how comical that came across I'll fix that in a bit! (Or maybe I won't let's see)

Thanks for pointing that out!

Problems opening game on MacBookProI'm having problems opening the game on my MacBookPro 2019...

Hey there!

You need to adjust your security preferences to open the app :) I'll try to fix it for next update.


I like this game so far. It's suprisingly relaxing, soundtrack suits it well, characters are great, Anna easter egg is hilarious, and I'm looking forward to it. Just, I think I encountered one glitch. It seems Kane hangouts are working as Brandon hangouts (causing the same effect in the end). Sorry for bothering, nice game so far.

No bother at all! Thank you for playing :) Thanks for the glitch notice as well! I think I discovered this to be the case recently as well as a few more things with Brandon and Kane defying my coding to battle each other for Alice's affection haha So I'll be sure to look into it!

Thank you again for playing <3  I appreciate it! ahhh


I'm glad it was useful. This is relly game to look forward to.

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I like this game. But...

The text is too small. And too hard to see on that background. If you want my opinion, you should go with the classic. Larger white text on a blue background.

I hope you consider my suggestion here.

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I appreciate the feedback! I'll consider looking into text size and changing it to be more readable.

The blue background doesn't fit with the red/gray/purple colour scheme so I'll look into other alternatives. Thanks for playing!


i love the game so far but unfortunately there is something wrong. an error keeps showing up and it says to open text editor or something. could you help me? thanks. 

Oh dear! I'm so sorry! I'll fix that right away. I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far <3 I'll put out a fix later today thank you for telling me <3 

thank you!!


With love to the game here is a video!


Not played yet but I wanted to say I saw the image off to the side and I was all "I know that style!" and it's super pretty!I'm sorry you lost your story/coping mechanism, and I hope you can at least over time lovingly make yourself a new one, or do what you can to recreate it. I know how much it sucks to have those kinda things get destroyed, lost, or go poof. :c


Thank you so much!! Ahhhh You're always so sweet to me <3 It was my coping mechanism back in high school, having to deal with leaving my friends. I remember feeling like Alice but acting like Anna so it was just how I handled my day-to-day. It's been 10 years and I've learned a lot. It hurts to be gone but I'm also so grateful to work with the characters again! 

I'm so sorry you've had that happen to you too :( It's so painful...



Just played the demo and I am certainly enjoying it so far. The characters are great, especially the leads (I anticipated liking Alice more, with all her sardonic humor, but it's impossible not to like Anna). 

I planned on progressing with the game despite the fact that the grand majority of it will likely be scrapped, but I encountered many errors that restricted me from progressing, which is fine, seeing as you said yourself that this isn't a polished work but just the unrefined beta. 

I am thrilled to see where this game goes, and the voice acting is actually quite good! I wish you the best luck. 

Hi there! Thank you so, so much! 

I'm actually really laughing at that considering I really don't like Anna myself but I'm so glad everyone really likes her <3 

I'm so sorry about the errors! The last part of the game was made in the last few days of the jam and I admittedly had limited time to play test! It was just honestly to say I didn't slack off this month even though I really, really did LOL I'll be sure to comb through and fix things up later! If you had any bugs you remember, please let me know!  I'll keep them in mind for any framework that remains when I go to complete it :)

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I appreciate it! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed what wasn't broken!


The game seems interesting and promising, but I'm unsure if I should play now or once the overhaul is done, as you're saying the whole ending will change. Do you know when will you release the final version?

Thank you so much!

 I'm going to try to overhaul it soon, I just wanted to have something out for the end of the jam :)  There is a message when the intro is over so up to that point is staying! I'm not sure when the final version will be done since I want to really take my time to edit it and make it worth while!


Yeah, I can understand - it's important to make something you'll be proud of!

I may play till the message pops up then! Thanks!

I hope you enjoy ;; I apologize it's so rough ahh